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        DragonPower Heaters: Quality First, Energy-saving Must
        DragonPower Electric Co., Ltd is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu, covering an area of nearly 30,000㎡. It has been in the industrial heating business for over 30 years. It started to export to an Austrian renowned extrusion manufacturer since 2005 with its high quality products and competitive prices. DragonPower has representatives in Europe, North America and South East Asia to provide better services to our overseas customers. DragonPower has gained high reputation in the plastic industry, becoming the number one choice for many domestic and overseas plastic machinery companies. It had been certified CE, RoHS and ISO9001. Mr, Wu, the general manager of DragonPower, said that quality is the life of an enterprise and the level of quality determines how long it can live and how far it can go.
        The plastic markets domestic and overseas are recovering now, which have brought DragonPower more and more business this year. The year-on year sales value in the 1st quarter in 2013 was increased by 60%. The turnover this year is expected to be doubled over 2012.
        Plastic processing industry, as a big consumer for energy, has a high demand for energy-saving technologies. DragonPower launched induction heaters in 2009 and energy-saving insulation jackets in 2011, which had proved that their births fit to the needs of many customers and are both highly demanded. Induction heaters have advantages including saving 30% to 80% energy compared with traditional resistance heaters, increasing productivity by shortening pre-heating time by 1/3, improving plastic product quality, improving work environment by lowering the temperature, higher safety and easy installation and operation. In terms of insulation jackets, they are made of fire & liquid proof high temperature resistant materials. Multiple layers of insulation can reduce the heat loss by 25-40% and thus reduce the surface temperature to 40. The jackets are made to order for heaters and are very easy to be installed.
        Mr. Wu stated that DragonPower will keep focusing on the R&D in improving energy-saving and thermoelectric conversion efficiency, dedicating to make more contribution for the plastic industry for all of our partners.
        1, DragonPower’s induction heaters are working on a plastic machine in a workshop in Thailand
        2. Live show of induction heaters in an exhibition (showing its accurate temperature control, safe to touch and excellence in energy-saving)
        3. Insulation Jackets (a choice for customers who have heaters already and just want to cover them for saving energy quickly)
        Welcome to visit our booth 2.1R15 in Chinaplas 2013 and talk face to face with us!
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